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A A Coat Of Arms

to the African American Upshaws of Alabama Website. The Upshaws of Alabama meet every 2 years in various parts of the United States to reunite and celebrate their family heritage. The genealogy has been traced back to the 1820's on the African lineage and 1665 on the Caucasian lineage. 

This website will serve as a means of communication to receive and share information within the family. The Reunion Page will display information related to upcoming reunions. The Genealogy Page offers information and materials on the genealogy of the African American Upshaws of Alabama. This information was researched and is being shared with the descendants. The Archives Page contains the archives of past reunions, including registration material, photos, videos etc. The News and Info Page allows family members to share specific news and information within their family. The Obituaries Page displays the obituary, photo and guestbook of family members lost within the last 3 years and an archive link to obituaries prior to the 3-year period. The Blog allows family members to express their opinion on the issues of the day and is also a tool used for mass communication. Calendar of Events is a password protected  interactive virtual calendar for family members to notate and share special events, birthdays, etc.

Family members, feel free to contribute any relevant material  to this family website. All of the information on this site is deemed reliable although not guaranteed.  Forward any revisions or corrections to the webmaster, Barbara Upshaw- Nail.
This page was last updated: April 9, 2022