Hi thanks for stopping by! "LoverBoy Lew" aka Lewis Alfred is a true born talented individual that's been entertaining in the game for a while. A lot of people knows him for his passionate heart for people and his humble personality. LoverBoy Lew is a native of Alabama were he was born in Tuskeege and grew up in various areas throughout Alabama. God gave Frank Lee and Emma Alfred a true gifted son. Growing up Lewis mom use to watch him perform in front of the radio as a kid growing up. "LoverBoy Lew" been working with different artist in the game. He's in the process working on his debut album. His "Special Request album "has a lots of attention of Radio Dj's and Labels. "LoverBoy Lew" has come a long way since the Group Straight from the Heart from Columbus Georgia. This was one of the first Group Rapper TI. had affiliations with before Grand Husel. TI is a proven track record of the guys and now it's "LoverBoy Lew" turn to show the world where the determination and hard work will pay off. Lew has worked with some of ATL's finest artist and Producer. He has a lot of stumping ground in Atlanta Georgia where he's made some of his biggest appearances on artist tracks. A lot of artist tend to lean towards "Lew" for his unique sound on their hook. The Rappers and Singers from every w here is calling on "LoverBoy Lew" to set flames to their tracks. Therefore he's not a stranger too many and you'll                                                                               
R&B         Gospel    Hip Hop
Lewis is the son of Frank & Emma Alfred from Alabama and the grand child of Willie Lee Upshaw (Dot) & Ellis Alfred Jr. of Upshaws Flat in Alabama.
probably be hearing him on many more tracks real soon. "Lew" is bringing real R&B so yall better get ready to get your groove on! Just keep tunning in and you'll be part of what is next to shake the industry!!!!!
-Lewis Alfred  *****
Lewis Alfred