Crowned on May 8, 2012 In Tuskegee, AL


Shirley Ann Rogers is the first of eight children (five girls and three boys) born to the late Mr. Zealous Jones Mayberry, Jr. and Mrs. Ruby Lee Goode-Mayberry.   She was born in Berkeley, California and spent most of her youth in Brazoria County, Texas.  Shirley exercised leadership skills early in life.  As the oldest, she had to manage housekeeping chores, care for her sisters and brothers, and cook…these activities did not detract from her good study habits. Shirley was a high academic achiever during the full course of her education.  
In 1970, Shirley graduated from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.  In 1981, she earned a Master’s Degree in Adult Education.  In 1970, Nurse Shirley worked at Sweeny Community Hospital as an Emergency Room and staff nurse.  Later that year, she moved to California where she was employed by Torrance General Hospital as a Medical Intensive Care and clinical nurse and ultimately served as a Public Health Nurse-Educator at the Inglewood Public Health Department.   The staff and patients all were amazed when Shirley taught the new patients’ pregnancy and tuberculosis classes in fluent Spanish!  She was also remembered for her hilarious gymnastic antics, while demonstrating health and fitness techniques.  Although blessed with a treasury of friends, peers, church associates, relatives, and a great career, Shirley yearned for a change of pace.  She wanted to see the world, wear the uniform, and serve her country. 

Johnny Ford, Founder World Conference of Black Mayors [center] said he was sending this photo to JET!  We'll see!  smile. 
Ms. Tyner [left] and Ms. Harris [right]  are the director and coordinator of the pageant.  The first runner-up is Ms. Irene Taylor.
Destined for success, Shirley joined the Air Force in 1979, served 24 years, and achieved the rank of ‘Bird’ Colonel (06).  Utilizing her vast technical background and strong work ethic, she was lauded as a powerful Nurse Administrator, a formidable Quality Inspector, a dynamic Medical Educator, and a forceful Hospital Commander.  Shirley was handpicked for her military assignments…sometimes over opposition.  She stood out from the other senior officers…many with more time in military service than she had.   Her record of superior achievement and Christian demeanor unquestionably caught the attention of the selection panels! 
In 1981, Shirley and Jimmie ‘Lee’ Rogers were married in Montgomery, Alabama.   Together they have three children, two grandchildren, and one granddog.  Mr. and Mrs. Rogers transplanted themselves to historic Tuskegee, Alabama in 2001.  They are involved in missionary labor locally and abroad.  One mission journey took them to Brazil to build a church, while embracing the people and sharing love and compassion.  Recently they helped refurbish damaged homes for underprivileged tenants in Montgomery, Alabama.
Shirley is a volunteer special programs consultant for the Tuskegee Multicultural Center.  She coordinates a practical educational experience for all visitors, designs unique program presentations, and charmingly greets guests.  For relaxation, Shirley thoroughly enjoys aerobics, travel, reading, bringing order out of chaos, and interacting with people.